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As a 501 (c) 3 non profit, Sande School of Horsemanship was founded in 2010 with a mission to provide accessible equine programs focusing on life skill development for all individuals, including at-risk youth and people of all ages with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our students represent all age groups and ranges of abilities. At Sande, programs utilize the power of equine relationships to teach students integral life skills while they take on the fun and rewarding challenge of equestrian sports. We are committed to helping our community’s most at-risk, under-served populations succeed and thrive as active community members.

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At Sande School of Horsemanship, we believe horses are the best teachers. They have an unparalleled ability of holding a student’s attention, love and interest. Our programs utilize this power to teach students integral life skills while they take on the fun and rewarding challenge of equestrian sports. We help students form and achieve their horsemanship goals while teaching life skills. Our students mature in unique ways, but all students exhibit growth in four main areas:







Riding presents challenges that are often similar to those we face in our everyday lives.  Horse and rider are teammates, and they work together by using non-verbal communication.  The rider must lead the horse with patience, empathy and clarity.  The rider and horse must learn to understand and trust one another to work together successfully.  Riders must sense their horse's emotions and react appropriately.  If the rider exemplifies good leadership, they will achieve success and experience the benefits of a healthy relationship with their horse. The benefits of riding go beyond the bounds of the arena – our students progress in life while they improve their skills in the saddle!  

Kassi Euwer, Executive Director and Lead Riding Instructor, is an award-winning equestrian holding National and World titles who has taught horsemanship and horseback riding for the past seventeen years. She founded the horsemanship school in hopes of bringing the benefits of equestrian sports to people who need them most. 

Utilizing the Power of Horses to Change Lives

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