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Sande School of Horsemanship provides horseback riding and horsemanship lessons for all individuals, starting at four years old. Children and adults can participate in classes weekly or bi-weekly. Instruction time is equally split between riding and on-ground horsemanship in order to develop a solid foundation of riding, horse handling, horsemanship knowledge and care-taking abilities.


Please review the overview of lessons below and contact us to determine the best fit for you!


LITTLE WRANGLERS is our 45-min group for kids ages 4-7 which helps ensure those first horse experiences are safe and positive! It teaches early riding and handling skills as well as providing good, safe, horsey fun! Kids spend half of the lesson riding with one-on-one instruction and the other half doing hands-on horsemanship activities in the barn.

LEVEL 1 integrates riding and horsemanship to develop a solid foundation for students on and off the horse, with half of the time spent in a riding lesson and half in an on-ground horsemanship lesson. Students learn how to independently control four of the lesson horses at the walk, trot in balance and learn basics about care-taking, tacking up, on-ground control.  The riding portion provides a high instructor-to-student ratio to help new riders advance.

LEVEL 2 integrates more intermediate riding and horsemanship with the lesson time equally split between mounted and un-mounted lessons.  The primary focus of the riding portion is on trotting – mastering the independent trot on four lesson horses (Western and English) in all three positions at various speeds on the rail.  The un-mounted portion focuses on more independent care-taking and handling skills, including being able to fully care for a horse on the basic level.

LEVEL 3 introduces loping and focuses primarily on loping, lateral movements, improving seat and hands while riding English, controlling more challenging horses at the trot and executing patterns at the trot.  As loping skills progress, students work toward improved control and expanding the number of horses they can control through all three gaits. Un-mounted time is spent improving on-ground control and on more advanced health / wellness topics.   

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LEVEL 4 focuses on preparing for jumping, improving rail work and executing patterns.  Students work on improving difficult transitions, executing intermediate lateral movements, intermediate patterns and a beginning level of speed and stride control through all three gaits.  Un-mounted time is spent advancing lunging skills, working on showmanship and advancing knowledge of complex tack and equipment.   

LEVEL 5  is intended for students to advance their jumping skills and /or have their own horse and compete at open shows, OHSET and/or 4H.  It focuses more intensely on stride control, executing advanced patterns and lateral movements and improving advanced transitions.  Lesson plans are catered to the specific needs of the class.  Disciplines covered may include Dressage, Jumping, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle and Showmanship. 

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