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Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT) is a therapeutic service that incorporates horses in a therapy session. These sessions are done with a licensed Mental Health Professional and may include the support of an Equine Specialist when deemed necessary to ensure the safety and advocacy of both the client and the equine. This service is an on-ground program in which the equine is a partner in the therapeutic process, and includes a combination of experiences and activities designed to help process trauma, improve resiliency and build meaningful connections with equines.

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Our therapist, Kayla Hart comes to Sande with over 10 years in the mental health field. Here's more about Kayla in her own words: 

"No one is born with an owner’s manual to happiness. It can be a long road of trial and error we all have to figure out through life. Traumatic events can act as roadblocks, affecting our ability to thrive. Sometimes we need help through this process. I work as a guide to help my clients gain insight into their thoughts and behaviors.
Together, we process these experiences through transparent discussion and working in partnership with Equines, to explore different avenues of healing. I primarily work with individuals aged 12-21 who have been impacted by trauma, those dealing with depression, anxiety, grief and loss, identity concerns and life transitions.
From my work I have developed specialties in suicide prevention, non-suicidal self-injuring behaviors, adolescent co-occurring disorders, and processing through significant and complex traumas. After earning my bachelor's degree at University of Oregon, I completed my master's degree in Social Work at Portland State University. I am licensed in the State of Oregon as a LCSW, and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP).
I believe in the importance of self-care, and practice it in my own life by spending time outdoors, at the beach, watching sports, traveling, spending time with friends and family, cooking, and enjoying good food."

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