Caring for horses to build resiliency in ourselves!

The Sande Youth Leadership Program is designed for young people who have demonstrated a commitment to becoming a part of the Sande barn community and wish to grow their horsemanship skills. By learning how to care for and ride horses, young people are building their life skills, strength and resiliency. Each participant will demonstrate the following core principles of Sande School of Horsemanship:

  1. S – Be Safe

  2. A – Always put the needs and care of our horses first

  3. N – Nurture the Sande barn community  

  4. D – Demonstrate a willingness to learn

  5. E – Help everyone feel welcome and included

Each week, youth ages 8 through 18 conduct barn chores, horseback riding and horsemanship activities. With the help of Sande's instructors and youth mentors, they closely track their progress and celebrate the achievement of specific tasks related to the following focus areas:

  • Riding and Handling

  • Horse Care

  • Health and Wellness

Youth Leaders have the opportunity to maintain their participation in the program as long as they wish with the opportunity to grow into Junior Instructors.

Email to learn more about eligibility and enrollment. 

Sande Youth Leadership Intake Form




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