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Utilizing the Power of Horses to Change Lives

Sande School of Horsemanship is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in the heart of Columbia County, offering diverse programs focusing on developing life skills. Integrated Horsemanship offers a hybrid of riding and unmounted horsemanship lessons for people of all ages and abilities. Therapeutic Riding allows individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability to improve physical capacity while taking on the fun and rewarding challenge of riding horses. For people seeking mental health support, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy provides individual counseling outside of the traditional office setting with an equine partner, our therapist Andee Kahler, LPC, and our Equine Specialist, Rhonda Misterek. Various levels of Youth Leadership give kids ages 12 and up the opportunity to build foundational skills to be lifelong leaders, beginning with developing horsemanship competency and extending into becoming Peer Mentors and Junior Instructors.




Our Facility Expansion Project is now underway! This exciting project will expand our existing arena, as well as add a mental health wing, additional parking, and an ADA restroom. Learn more about it and see the renderings here.


Sande School of Horsemanship would like to thank their 2024 Business Sponsors.  Funds and services provided by these businesses will support the facility expansion, provide scholarship funds to students and help us care for our wonderful herd of equines.  If you would like to learn more about sponsoring, click here

Golden Lasso  |  $1000 Sponsorship

Silver Spur  |  $500 Sponsorship

Bronzed Bit  |  $250 Sponsorship

Helping Reins  |  $100 Sponsorship

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