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Lessons are offered in four sessions per year, with each session lasting between 10 and 14 weeks.  Students can choose if they want weekly or every-other week riding lessons and whether or not they want to participate in the monthly horsemanship class (if available for their age / level)  Click here for a link to the Winter 2017 session price sheet.  

Here are descriptions for our lesson types. Decision of lesson type depends on our schedule availability and student age, level and special needs (if relevant).  

30-minute Private Lessons 
Our half-hour privates are for our young beginners and some riders with special needs. Jen and Hannah only offer 30-minute privates and Kassi and Marlene only offer 45-minute privates (unless the rider has a special need limiting their attention span or physical stamina).  

45-minute Private Lessons
This option is best for adults, older or more advanced students, students focused on competition-related goals or students with special needs who are able to ride for the full lesson or are working on tacking / untacking independently.

45-minute Group Lessons 
Kids in Beginning Level 2 or higher build confidence and progress their ability to trot and ride independently.  Students ride for about 30 minutes and spend 15 minutes grooming or assisting with tacking / untacking the horses. Classes have 3 students and 2 instructors or 2 students with 1 instructor.  

60 or 75-minute Group Lessons
Designed to progress a students riding level by providing some individualized instruction with enough ride time to practice. 75-min lessons have three students and one instructor; 60-min lessons have two students with one instructor.  Students ride for about 3/4 of the lesson and spend the remaining time independently tacking and untacking their horses.  Enrollment in a level-appropriate horsemanship class is generally required.

Horsemanship Class
Monthly horsemanship classes are designed to cover everything about horses that riding lessons don't teach - horse care, horse instinct, on-ground safety and control, horse identification, tack knowledge, etc.  These classes are required for students in the full-length, small-group riding lessons and optional for students in the beginning level groups and private lessons.  Classes last between 75 and 90 minutes depending on level. 

Barn Buddy Youth Enrichment Program
The Barn Buddy Program pairs up a child in grades 3-7 with a peer mentor. The Barn Buddies meet at the barn for one hour per week and spend their time doing life skill-building activities. Children must be referred into the program. Click here to view and print the referral form. For more information, click here to view the program brochure or contact Kassi at info@sandeschoolofhorsemanship.org  

Day Camps
See page on Day Camps

Horse Share
A partial-lease program for students in our program who take at least an every-other week lesson and qualify for as an Advanced Beginner or higher. Participants are assigned a horse and can ride whenever that horse is available. Some restrictions apply, contact Kassi for more information.  $95-$200/month, depending on lease term and whether you clean your horse's stall daily.


To enroll in our programs, please contact Kassi at info@sandeschoolofhorsemanship.org or 503-369-3008. You will be asked to submit the following documents prior to your first lesson:

Sande School of Horsemanship Waiver

Sande School of Horsemanship Client Handbook
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