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Kassi EuwerFounder, Instructor and Executive Director
Kassi has been a Riding Instructor for 12 years.  She has been learning the art of Horsemanship for her entire life, and is committed to teaching what she has learned to all of her students.  Kassi specializes in teaching intermediate / advanced riders and riders with special needs.  She excels at constructing individualized lesson plans for our special needs riders that address multiple aspects of therapy and life-skill development.  

Marlene SandeInstructor and Owner/ Trainer of Sande Performance Horses
Marlene has given lessons at the facility for thirty years.  She now instructs part-time in addition to training horses and managing the facility.  Marlene has a passion for anything that grows or breathes – especially her four grandsons, horses and multitude of ducks, dogs and chickens!  Marlene works with riders of all levels.  She specializes in teaching girls to become cowgirls, and boys to become cowboys.  

Jen MorseBeginning / Advanced Beginning Instructor
Jen has her Masters in Education and is a co-founder / teacher at Creekside Junior Academy. She teaches our Little Wranglers classes and beginning riders as she follows her two life passions -- teaching and horsemanship! 

Hannah MorseBeginning / Advanced Beginning Instructor 
Hannah started as a student taking lessons with her mom in 2009.  After progressing through the levels and buying her own horse, she began taking on more responsibilities in the horsemanship school.  She started with being a volunteer camp counselor assistant and worked into being an Junior Assistant Instructor through the Barn Buck program, and grew into a full riding instructor, managing her own lessons and students. 

Christina Sullivan, Beginning / Special Needs Instructor

Rachel KroonBarn Buddy Administrator and Horsemanship Instructor 
A dog may be a man's best friend, 
but the horse wrote history.

-Author Unknown